John Turney is a nationally published Christian author who specializes in Christian fiction.  You can read more about his works by clicking on the Amazon button.




Whiskey Sunrise delves into the struggles going on at the southern US border. Rye Dawlsen runs the Police Department in Whiskey, Arizona. He had turned to alcohol to control the pain in his damaged knee. However, the bottle got control of him and his wife left him, taking their son with her. In one morning, he has to face an attempted robbery, a break-in and a vicious murder. While he and his team investigate these crimes, he uncovers a conspiracy threatening the relations between the US and Mexico. Then his Navajo uncle brings an old acquaintance from the res to warn Rye of a supernatural evil seeking to kill him.






Innocent Blood: Equinox of Reckoning is the tale of a college age man. Patrick has planned out his life. Though not the ambitions 91j1N3GyseL._SL1500_that would propel him into wealth, they were his plans. He felt like he knew where he was going. He had learned several marital skills through some interesting characters his family knew. During the fall of his freshman year, his plans begin to unravel. He interrupts a rape. His heroics and kindness creates a bond between him and the abused woman…and an enemy with the rapist.  Unbeknownst, to him, the Celtic legends of Halloween begin to come true. These too begin to interfere with his life. Then he has to decide, will he step in to turn back the evil creatures trying to cross over from the Celtic other world?