Meet John Turney- Nationally Published Christian Author… and much more. 

I love to write and read. I know we have TV and movies, to fill our entertainment time. Yet, something mystical happens when we read.  We connect with ideas, stories, experiences, wisdom…and sometimes stupidity. But that’s okay. Because we learn either way. We go on journeys impossible in reality. We live the lives of others who teach us. Expand us. TV and movies fill our heads with images made by others. Books let our minds do the creating. While reading, we become a co-creator with the author.

I started writing in pictograms when I was a little kid. Stories that little boys like to live. Sweeping battles between the heroic good and the dark evil. Tales of bravery against all odds. To anyone else, my pictograms would be a page full of stickmen. Nonetheless, they were my tales.

Later, as I learned to read, I invented other stories. I also improved my art skills beyond bloodletting stick figures. I continued writing and art in high school and college. Then, upon graduation…I stopped both.

First it was the single life that grabbed my attention. I played in bands. Then I married and we had my son. Life changed and I had to learn to support these two people. Life was a series of struggles. A divorce and a layoff occurred at the same time. My son and I forged a new life together.

Then I remarried and formed a blended family with its unique challenges. During this time, I returned to writing. Learning the craft. Writing, editing, writing, editing. Receiving critiques. I remember my first serious critique. How dare he put all those red marks on my paper!!! Putting aside my rash and useless indignation, I realized my critiquer was exactly right. Making his suggested changes improved the story. By a lot.

That’s what we as writers do. We plop some words onto a page and then wield our God-given artistic talents to produce something a reader wants to hold in her hands. Something he wants to experience. Writings they can grow from.

After nine years of learning, I had my first book published. Innocent Blood: Equinox of Reckoning. It’s sequel is currently with the publisher. My next book to be published is Whiskey Sunrise.

Look. I’ve babbled overmuch. If you have time, take a few more minutes to look at my web home base. And you’re always welcomed back. Thanks for stopping by.